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Del Vino Vineyard is very excited to exclusively partner with Harbor Head Brewing Company to bring custom-crafted premium beers to their Del Vino Destination guests.

The Del Vino Vineyard, owned by the Giachetti Family of Northport, mission is to produce the highest quality wines utilizing Italian family recipes that have been passed down from generation after generation, dating back over 150 years. The vineyard will open in early November with a grand opening in early spring.

Beer lovers will be able to pick up a pint at the vineyard and wander over to visit their friends sipping wine, or share a table outside overlooking 11 acres of vines. 4 beers will be pouring and will rotate seasonally.

“What I’ve seen a lot is you get a group of friends that are out there, and there are six wine drinkers and one beer drinker, or vice versa,” said Fred Giachetti owner Del Vino Vineyards. “And this will be a nice option for them.”

“I think that this collaboration is a good opportunity for Northport, and the chance for Del Vino Vineyard and Harbor Head Brewing Company to work ever more closely together, is an exciting opportunity,” said Jennifer Pinto founder of J Alison Consulting. Her company has studied the profiles of winery and brewery visitors, and she said “they are very similar. Both wine and beer enthusiasts enjoy tasting, contemplating, enjoying and conversing about all of the flavors, options and pairings that are available.”

Harbor Head Brewing company, located in Britannia Yachting Center in Northport, opened its doors in 2017, and has been fully operational since July of this year.

Sosh Andriano, owner of Whales Tale and Partner at Harbor Head Brewing Company, is working on bringing Del Vino wine into the brewery starting with a Rose and a White in late November. “This also lends itself to new ideas like flights of half beer and half wine” said Andriano.

Andriano stated “Pairing IPAs and Sauvignon Blanc are both Tropical and Potent. IPAs that pack a lot of tropical hop notes balance out their higher ABVs and firm bitterness with a juicy kind of sweetness. Sauvignon blanc is similarly heady, and bursts with a similar tropical fruit flavor. We are honored to be the first Northport Brewery to serve both wine & beer”

“There is a winery for every situation, and I feel like adding the beer to it just expands that situation and that opportunity,” Giachetti said. “Not every winery is going to add beer, and not every brewery is going to add wine.” But while historically breweries and wineries have been kept at arm’s length, Giachetti said, I think our future wine club members will be excited to try the craft beer Harbor Head Brewery offers as well!”

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